2021 High School Race Series CANCELLED

High School Race Series

There will be no High School Series in the spring of 2021.  We sure hope to be back at it in 2022!

Mountain Biking is a healthy active and safe sport that introduces high school students to unique trail travel while enjoying diverse, forest ecosystems. Mountain Biking challenges riders to navigate twisty fast single-track, technical climbs and gnarly forest descents with speed and efficiency.


Woodnewton Race #1 results click HERE


About The Durham High School Race Series

The Durham High School Series is a grassroots race series designed to get new students into the fun, safe and healthy sport of Mountain Biking! This series has been around for 10 years, and has been brought to you by Superfly Racing for the past 6 seasons.

The series this year rocks again with 4 races to challenge high school and elementary school age mountain bike racers. The race series has proven to be a great introduction to the sport as well as excellent development for riders and school teams participating in the OFSAA sanctioned Ontario Challenge MTB Race!

(NOTE: Please note that all racers MUST be accompanied by their teacher or assigned school representative in order to race; per school board insurance requirements.)

Supporting The Series


Big thanks to our friend’s from Superfly Racing, Cycle Life and Norco for supporting the high school series this year!

2019 Schedule

Friday, April 26  –  Race #1, Skytop

Friday, May 3  –  Race #2, Woodnewton

Thursday, May 9  –  Race #3, Durham Forest

Thursday, May 23  –  Final Series Race, Durham Forest

Event Schedules:

Race Days

Pre-rides begin


1:15 pm:
Elementary (shorter course) (pre-riders please give way to Elementary racers)

Senior boys (3 laps), Senior Girls (2 laps)

Junior boys (2 laps), Junior Girls (1 lap)

Midget boys (2 laps), Midget Girls (1 lap)

Awards Ceremony for all categories

For more information, please email bikenxsracing@gmail.com

Wednesday Night Race Series – Albion Hills –

Superfly Racing has passed the torch to Corey Brioschi and the North Hub bike shop in it’s 22nd year!

Though Superfly is not making it to the 20 year mark, we will still be an active part of the series, sponsoring some BBQ nights and getting in a ride or two!  Please support Corey and The North Hub Bike shop in Bolton as they take over the series!

For detailed information on the series please click HERE

Albion Hills Conservation Area

Albion Hills Conservation Area
16500 Hwy 50.
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 3E7


Superfly Racing will be passing on the torch after 19 great years – but will still swing by for the occassional ride and sponsor the odd BBQ!  While we’d have loved to make it 20 years, life has gotten too busy and we need to concentrate on our larger events, and family commitments (two daughters in diapers, eek)!

Corey Brioschi will be taking over the series, after doing most of the work anyways over the last few years!

  • We have a different course EACH week, accessing 3 starting points within Albion.  Courses are about 5km, and you do 3 laps or as many as you can before a 45 minute cut-off.
  • Albion’s trails are the perfect level for all riders, and our unique use of the trails makes it feel different every week!
  • A new, dedicated timer and a mix of Corey and Sean are running the show – and Alana should be around more this year if anyone wants to watch our baby!
  • Riders don’t have to spend their time in bottlenecks – with 80 riders on average, it’s not congested like some other weekly races.

Want to sponsor a BBQ night?  Want more information?  Click HERE to contact Corey

Reggie Ramble – Gravel Grinder – Sept. 25, 2021

Yes – we moved the date to hopefully a more open, vaccinated timeslot!!  The Reggie Ramble course is like no other. There are three unique loops starting and finishing at the historic Warkworth fairgrounds devised into three challenging routes of 65km, 130km and 200km. Do one, do two or do them all.

REGISTRATION is open!!!!  Click HERE to register!

More information can be found on their site ReggieRamble.com



Crank the Shield – July or August 2022


People from all over Ontario, Canada and the Northern U.S. travel great distances to hold the honour of Cranking the Shield! Participants love the affordable 3-day format, the backcountry experience and the quality put into every part of the experience!

Crank the Shield offers a unique experience to riders from across North America. This is Eastern North America’s most celebrated mountain bike stage race that combines amazing food from start to finish, various accommodation options, event goodies, great aid stations and some of the best and most rewarding days you will experience on a bike. The train ride itself is a truly unique way to start and is an over $100 value! These are rides that you just simply couldn’t do on your own!

Register HERE for CRANK 2019!

View details at www.cranktheshield.com