Crank the Shield – July 29-31, 2022

Crank the Shield:SSM is a GO for 2022!  Registration opens at 10am Friday, October 29.  Look for registration links here and on all Superfly Racing social media outlets!  70 VIP spots available for 2022!!!

People from all over Ontario, Canada and the Northern U.S. travel great distances to hold the honour of Cranking the Shield! Participants love the affordable 3-day format, the backcountry experience and the quality put into every part of the experience!

Crank the Shield offers a unique experience to riders from across North America. This is Eastern North America’s most celebrated mountain bike stage race that combines amazing food from start to finish, various accommodation options, event goodies, great aid stations and some of the best and most rewarding days you will experience on a bike. The train ride itself is a truly unique way to start and is an over $100 value! These are rides that you just simply couldn’t do on your own!


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