Ontario Cup 4 – Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride – July 8, 2018

As host to the last two Provincial Championships, Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride moves into the 4th spot on the Series. Early July in Haliburton is cottage time, and the riding is as hot as the weather! This is arguably the best and most exciting course on the circuit – but what isn’t arguable are the stellar accommodations! The Bishop family roll out the red carpet for our riders, treat us to a fun and affordable Saturday night banquet, and provide the best venue on the series!

Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride
Sir Sam’s Road, Haliburton

Registration open, register HERE


Due to difficulty creating a fun, not too hilly 9am youth race at the bottom, we are again running this start at 3:00pm on SATURDAY!  Pre-riding for the main races will shut down from 2:45 to 4pm to accommodate this youth race, at the top of the hill.  The carpet will be open, we encourage everyone to come up and encourage the kids on the 2.5km upper course!

**Keep in mind: many age categories can race at 9 OR 10am – so depending on the TIME you registered, you may be racing Saturday or Sunday – some kids are even going to race both!

The Course and Pre-Riding

The course will be pre-marked roughly for mid-June, and available to ride every day, weather permitting, up to race day. Please use the drop box during the week!  As with every year, expect a fun, dynamic course, just the right amount of climbing, technical, and of course, tremendous views of gorgeous Eagle Lake and the Haliburton Highlands!

Saturday night Banquet!

You wont wanna miss the annual Banquet at 6pm Saturday night!  Email  chris@sirsams.com or call 705-754-2298 to book dinner tickets. Cost is $22.50 each and includes tax.

Accommodations and Camping

If you really want to stay in style, check out Sir Sam’s Inn, just 500 meters from the ski hill! While there are cheaper accommodations nearby, this is the place to do it in style! Haliburton books up quickly – reserve a place soon! Silver Eagle Cottages books up early, as do most places in Haliburton. Consider renting a cottage for a long weekend for for the full week!

On-site camping is available at Sir Sam’s – $10/person per night gets you access to their washrooms, water. Just show up!

Ontario Cup Overview

Superfly Racing is happy to again be at the helm of this series for 2018!

The Ontario Cup (O-Cup) is one of Canada’s premier XC Mountain Bike racing series. For riders who enjoy challenging courses and competing against riders from across the province, this race series is for you. The 7-event series attracts both full-season racers, as well as riders who simply want to enjoy the challenge of individual races.

The O-Cup season kicks off in the spring (April 22nd this year!) and concludes with the Provincial Championships at the end of summer.  Events are typically 2 to 6 weeks apart and again include Canada Cups at both Horseshoe and Hardwood Hills.  Only the best venues in the province are chosen to host O-Cups with each venue adding its own twist for riders. It might be a highly technical hilly course, a high speed flat course or a combination of the two. Whichever type of course it is, it will be fun and challenging to all abilities.

O-Cup riders are categorized based, first by age, then by ability. Riders earn upgrade points to upgrade to the next higher ability category. Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories.


Last year’s New Format for the 9am Races Continues

Last year’s exciting new initiative had both success and failure, we are hoping to improve all kids racing in 2018!  This year’s 9:00am timeslot features more user-friendly courses for youngsters and beginners.  In addition to being more spectator friendly, these courses will be less hilly, and feature more beginner friendly technical trails for the Squirt/Citizen levels.  *Keep in mind, for Sir Sam’s O-cup #4 the 9:00am race happens Saturday at 3:00pm!

Who can Participate?

Anyone with a sense of adventure!  Riders who are at least 9 years of age (“Squirt” division) can participate in the O-Cup XC Series, and with the new, less hilly and technical 9:00am courses, it’s a perfect series to introduce youth to the exhilaration and comaraderie of racing!

What Type of Membership is Required?

In order to participate in an O-Cup you must be a racing member of the OCA.  However different categories have different restrictions.  There are, however, 1-day licenses available for all but Expert/Elite level categories.    Click Here for more general Racing information from the OCA, Insurance requirements, and more!


Registration opens for each O-cup after the previous one is done (this saves a lot of confusion)!  Full series registration is CLOSED!


Event Schedule (Ontario Cups only – Canada Cups have a different schedule!) – also – 9am race happens Saturday at 3pm at Sir Sam’s!


Start Wave

9:00 AM
Citizen Boys (13-16 yrs), Citizen Boys (11-12 yrs), Squirt Boys (9-10 yrs), Citizen Girls (13-16 yrs), Citizen Girls (11-12 yrs), Squirt Girls (9-10 yrs)

10:00 AM
Cadet Boys (15-16 yrs), Minime  Boys (13-14 yrs), Peewee  Boys (11-12 yrs), Master Men (50-59 yrs), Master Men (60+ yrs), Cadet/Junior Girls (15-18 yrs), Minime Girls (13-14 yrs), Peewee Girls (11-12 yrs), Senior Sport Women (19-34yrs), Master Sport Women (35-49 yrs), Master Sport Women 50+, Citizen Men, Citizen Women

11:45 AM
Junior Sport Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Sport Men (19-29 yrs), Master Sport Men (30-39 yrs), Master Sport Men (40-49 yrs), Cadet Expert Women (15-16 yrs), Senior Expert Women (19-34 yrs),  Master Expert Women (35-49) Master Expert 50+ Women

1:30 PM
Senior Elite Men (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Elite Women (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Women (17-18 yrs), Cadet Expert Men (15-16 yrs),  Senior Expert Men (19-29 yrs) , Master Expert Men (30-39 yrs), Master Expert Men (40-49 yrs), Master Expert Men (50+)