Ontario Cup 4 – Sunday Sept 18, 2021 – Albion Hills**

Superfly was hoping to host The GREAT Albion Enduro on this weekend, but as we lost more and more dates due to restrictions, we are using this date to host the Albion Endur-O-Cup final!

Longer laps for most categories of the super fast, flowy trail network at Albion!  We will not be crossing over to Palgrave as we do with the Albion Enduro – but will likely add a section of rail trail to make this course especially unique!  A different year – a different kind of Ontario Cup!!

Albion Hills is close to the GTA and has the space to host a safe, Covid-friendly Ontario Cup event.   It also boasts super fast, flowy, fun trails – just what the doctor ordered for an individual pursuit format.

Albion also offers incredible, spacious camping sites – making it the perfect location to host an event in these tumultuous times.


Superfly Racing will hope to have the course marked by mid-week, but if you go ride Albion, you’ll get the idea – park is open all summer!


Full series registration is closed – but single-day registration is available!!

There are about 125 spots available as of July 12 – Register HERE

Schedule etc.

Once we know more, we will be updating the schedules but are assuming there will be 4 race cohorts all on Sunday!

Ontario Cup Overview

Superfly Racing is running 2 of the 4 Ontario Cup events for 2021!

While we will likely see an individual pursuit (likely riders staged, racing 15 seconds apart) for most of 2021, this is a vast improvement on having no races at all!  We will keep you in the loop and let you know how we will execute the series, under the parameters set by the municipal and provincial governments.

The Ontario Cup (O-Cup) is one of Canada’s premier XC Mountain Bike racing series. For riders who enjoy challenging courses and competing against riders from across the province, this race series is for you. The (typically) 6 – 7 event series attracts both full-season racers, as well as riders who simply want to enjoy the challenge of individual races.

The O-Cup season kicks off in early May and concludes with the Provincial Championships at or around the end of summer.  Events are typically 2 to 6 weeks apart and we try out best to space things out.  Only the best venues in the province are chosen to host O-Cups with each venue adding its own twist for riders. It might be a highly technical hilly course, a high speed flat course or a combination of the two. Whichever type of course it is, it will be fun and challenging to all abilities.

O-Cup riders are categorized based, first by age, then by ability. Riders earn upgrade points to upgrade to the next higher ability category. Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories.


 9am youth only format continues (likely individual pursuit for 2021)!

Who can Participate?

Anyone with a sense of adventure!  Riders who are at least 9 years of age (“Squirt” division) can participate in the O-Cup XC Series, and with the new, less hilly and technical 9:00am courses, it’s a perfect series to introduce youth to the exhilaration and comaraderie of racing!

What Type of Membership is Required?

In order to participate in an O-Cup you must be a racing member of the OCA.  However different categories have different restrictions.  For 2021 the OCA has made a generic license, making it easier to know what license you need!

There are, however, 1-day licenses available for all but Expert/Elite level categories.    Click Here for more general Racing information from the OCA, Insurance requirements, and more!


Registration is available individually on each event page.  Pre-registration closes prior to each event at Wednesday at midnight.


Event Schedule (Ontario Cups only – Canada Cups have a different schedule!)

** This will not be the same for this year’s abbreviated 2021 season.   Look for details on the Pulse Racing website and Angry Johnny’s as they are running the first

Start Wave

9:00 AM
Citizen Boys (13-16 yrs), Citizen Boys (11-12 yrs), Squirt Boys (9-10 yrs), Citizen Girls (13-16 yrs), Citizen Girls (11-12 yrs), Squirt Girls (9-10 yrs)

10:00 AM
Cadet Boys (15-16 yrs), Minime  Boys (13-14 yrs), Peewee  Boys (11-12 yrs), Master Men (50-59 yrs), Master Men (60+ yrs), Cadet/Junior Girls (15-18 yrs), Minime Girls (13-14 yrs), Peewee Girls (11-12 yrs), Senior Sport Women (19-34yrs), Master Sport Women (35-49 yrs), Master Sport Women 50+, Citizen Men, Citizen Women

11:45 AM
Junior Sport Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Sport Men (19-29 yrs), Master Sport Men (30-39 yrs), Master Sport Men (40-49 yrs), Cadet Expert Women (15-16 yrs), Senior Expert Women (19-34 yrs),  Master Expert Women (35-49) Master Expert 50+ Women

1:30 PM
Senior Elite Men (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Elite Women (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Women (17-18 yrs), Cadet Expert Men (15-16 yrs),  Senior Expert Men (19-29 yrs) , Master Expert Men (30-39 yrs), Master Expert Men (40-49 yrs), Master Expert Men (50+)


  • Click series pricing for a table of all the 2019 pricing.  2020 pricing coming soon – but it may stay exactly the same.   Later registrations have seen some increase, while taking advantage of early bird pricing is in line with previous years’ pricing structures.