Ontario Cup 3 – Woodnewton – Saturday/Sunday, Sept 4/5 2021**


Woodnewton has been hosting events for over 11 years (would have been 12 without the “lost” year), and the trails are always being upgraded.  As with other venues on the series,  Woodnewton is close to the GTA, and as private property we are guaranteed use as long a covid protocols allow it.

IMPORTANT:  To enter the facility you must complete the covid screening and present it upon entry with your device.  Click HERE for the link

Woodnewton tech guide:  click HERE

Hot off the press updated Course map Complete Map Woodnewton 2021

We WILL have porta-potties and sanitation available at the event, and they will be cleaned in between Saturday and Sunday!

NEW – MASS Start event Saturday!

We are now offering a simple, shorter format mass start race for Saturday.  Ontario Cup points will NOT be awarded, it is just a chance to race your rivals head-to-head, and for many, gives you a  chance to really dial the course for the following day – courses will be identical to Sunday’s race, and those registered for Sunday will be able to transfer to Saturday if desired.  IF YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR SATURDAY AND DO SUNDAY, A $20 REBATE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ADDED!

Registration for the mass start is CLOSED

The Course

The standard course is 10km while the youth course is closer to 7kms.  A few tough climbs, fun descents and lots of singletrack – great for the individual pursuit format!  For a preview check out this RELIVE segment with Superfly and the legend Eric “Iceman” Orschel:  COURSE PREVIEW


We will be unable to offer pre-riding the weekend prior – but will be open all day Friday, Sept. 3, from 10am to 7:00pm.  We are also offering pre-riding from 3pm to 7:30pm on Saturday, for the Individual pursuit Ontario Cup on Sunday.

All pre-riding fees are $10, cash, on-site only.  We will have some change, but please try to have exact change and we will have a box for you to put the money in.  Even though Covid transmission on surfaces is rare, we are following protocols

**We must be strict about pre-riding times – this is private property, so please respect his property, he is very gracious to allow us on his land!

Woodnewton Event Schedule – based on Start orders from Ontario Cup #1

Friday, Sept. 3:  Pre-Riding open from 10am to 7:00pm.  Please be gone by 7:30, as it will be getting dark.   ALL pre-riders must have a minimum of an OCA citizen’s permit, and bring $10 cash.  We will not be allowing pre-riding to non-oca members, show proof of license on your phone or device.

You MUST present PDF of license and/or race entry confirmation to obtain trail permit

Plate Pickup: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

PLEASE do not leave your car in the lot overnight to carpool to a friends house – we will have to assume you’re injured on course and go looking for you!!!

Saturday, Sept. 4:  Mass start races from 9:00am to Approx. 1:45pm.    Since numbers aren’t huge we will combine many of the starts,  as the desire to race head-to-head is what the racers are looking for, Note, we now have 3 starts to shorten the day and allow longer pre-ride times for the Sunday.

9:00:00 Minime Sport Male (13-14 years)  8 km
Minime Sport Female (13-14 years)  8km
9:00:30 Peewee Sport Male (10-12 years)  8km
Peewee Sport Female (10-12 years)  8km
9:01:00 Intro to MTB Male (8-9 years)  4.5km
Intro to MTB Female (8-9 years)  4.5km
10:00:00 Master A Sport Male (35-44 years) 2 16.0 Km
Senior Sport Male (19+ years) 2 16.0 Km
Master B Sport Male (45-54 years) 2 16.0 Km
10:01:00 Master C Sport Male (55-64 years) 2 16.0 Km
Master D Male (65+ years) 2 16.0 Km
Cadet Sport Male (15-16 years) 2 16.0 Km
Junior Sport Male (17-18 years) 2 16.0 Km
Senior Sport Female (19-34 years) 2 16.0 Km
Master A Sport Female (35-44 years) 2 16.0 Km
Master B Sport Female (45-54 years) 2 16.0 Km
Master C Sport Female (55-64 years) 2 16.0 Km
Master D Female (65+ years) 2 16.0 Km
Junior Sport Female (17-18 years) 2 16.0 Km
Cadet Sport Female (15-16 years) 2 16.0 Km
No awards ceremony due to Covid-19 11:00
Expert / Elite
12:00:00 Cadet Expert Male (15-16 years) 2 20.0 Km
Senior Elite Male 3 30.0 Km
Junior Expert Male (17-18 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master  Expert Male (35-44 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master Expert Male (45-54 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master  Expert Male (55+ years) 2 20.0 Km
Senior Expert Male (19+ years) 2 20.0 Km
12:00:30 Cadet Expert Female (15-16 years) 2 20.0 Km
Junior Expert Female (17-18 years) 2 20.0 Km
Senior Expert Female (19-34 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master Expert Female (35-44 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master  Expert Female (45-54 years) 2 20.0 Km
Master  Expert Female (55+ years) 2 20.0 Km
Senior Elite Female 2 20.0 Km


Pre-riding for Sunday’s individual pursuit is available from 2pm to 7:00pm.  Pre-riders must be OCA members and have exact change of $10 cash per person to enter the facility.

Sunday Sept. 5 – Times and Categories approximate based on racer numbers.

9:00 am Group 1 – Individual Starts (Time Trial Format) – 1 lap 8 km
Peewee Boys, Peewee Girls, Minime Boys, Minime Girls,

*8-9 year old intro to mtb do 1 lap of 4.5km

10:30 am Group 2 – Individual Starts (Time Trial Format) – 10 km
Cadet Sport Men, Junior Sport Men, Master (55-64/65+) Sport Men, Cadet/Junior Sport Women, Senior Sport Women, Master Sport Women,

12:30 pm Group 3 – Individual Starts (Time Trial Format) – 16 km (2 x 8km)
Cadet Expert Men, Senior Sport Men, Master (35-44/45-54) Sport Men, Junior Expert Women, Cadet Expert Women, Senior Expert Women, Master Expert Women

2:30 pm Group 4 – Individual Starts (Time Trial Format) – 20 km (2 x 10km)
Elite Men, Elite Women, Junior Expert Men, Senior Expert Men, Master Expert Men

Where the dickens is Woodnewton?

4849 Concession Road 6, Uxbridge, ON, Canada

PLEASE do not enter the private drive at the top of the hill!

2019 OCUP #1 Course & Site Maps

Registration Details

Single – day Registration is now CLOSED

Ontario Cup Overview

Superfly Racing is running 2 of the 4 Ontario Cup events for 2021!

The ever-changing climate now sees a 2-event weekend – mass start, non Ontario Cup events on Saturday, with points awarded at Sunday’s individual pursuit.  Details on the mass start to follow.

The Ontario Cup (O-Cup) is one of Canada’s premier XC Mountain Bike racing series. For riders who enjoy challenging courses and competing against riders from across the province, this race series is for you. The (typically) 6 – 7 event series attracts both full-season racers, as well as riders who simply want to enjoy the challenge of individual races.

The O-Cup season kicks off in early May and concludes with the Provincial Championships at or around the end of summer.  Events are typically 2 to 6 weeks apart and we try out best to space things out.  Only the best venues in the province are chosen to host O-Cups with each venue adding its own twist for riders. It might be a highly technical hilly course, a high speed flat course or a combination of the two. Whichever type of course it is, it will be fun and challenging to all abilities.

O-Cup riders are categorized based, first by age, then by ability. Riders earn upgrade points to upgrade to the next higher ability category. Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories.

**PLEASE NOTE- THE CATEGORIES DEPICTED IN THE ABOVE VIDEO ARE NO LONGER ACCURATE FOR THE YOUTH RACES.  IT’S JUST TOO FUNNY TO TAKE DOWN…  AND – Tyler is now the Canada Cup leader for Senior Men – he’s come a long way from his Mickey Mouse days!!

 9am youth only format continues (likely individual pursuit for 2021)!

Who can Participate?

Anyone with a sense of adventure!  Riders who are at least 9 years of age (“Squirt” division) can participate in the O-Cup XC Series, and with the new, less hilly and technical 9:00am courses, it’s a perfect series to introduce youth to the exhilaration and comaraderie of racing!

What Type of Membership is Required?

The OCA is allowing all categories to race on a citizen permit for 2021!!  This is a huge bonus to new and old participants alike!  The OCA has done a great job helping to foster events for 2021!



Registration is available individually on each event page.  Pre-registration closes prior to each event at Wednesday at midnight.

Find event Registration on the individual event pages.


BELOW is NOT relevent for 2021!  Kindly disregard, and look for the schedule on each individual event’s page!

Event Schedule (Ontario Cups only – Canada Cups have a different schedule!)

** This will not be the same for this year’s abbreviated 2021 season.   Look for details on the Pulse Racing website and Angry Johnny’s as they are running the first

Start Wave

9:00 AM
Citizen Boys (13-16 yrs), Citizen Boys (11-12 yrs), Squirt Boys (9-10 yrs), Citizen Girls (13-16 yrs), Citizen Girls (11-12 yrs), Squirt Girls (9-10 yrs)

10:00 AM
Cadet Boys (15-16 yrs), Minime  Boys (13-14 yrs), Peewee  Boys (11-12 yrs), Master Men (50-59 yrs), Master Men (60+ yrs), Cadet/Junior Girls (15-18 yrs), Minime Girls (13-14 yrs), Peewee Girls (11-12 yrs), Senior Sport Women (19-34yrs), Master Sport Women (35-49 yrs), Master Sport Women 50+, Citizen Men, Citizen Women

11:45 AM
Junior Sport Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Sport Men (19-29 yrs), Master Sport Men (30-39 yrs), Master Sport Men (40-49 yrs), Cadet Expert Women (15-16 yrs), Senior Expert Women (19-34 yrs),  Master Expert Women (35-49) Master Expert 50+ Women

1:30 PM
Senior Elite Men (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Men (17-18 yrs), Senior Elite Women (19-29 yrs), Junior Expert Women (17-18 yrs), Cadet Expert Men (15-16 yrs),  Senior Expert Men (19-29 yrs) , Master Expert Men (30-39 yrs), Master Expert Men (40-49 yrs), Master Expert Men (50+)


  • Click series pricing for a table of all the 2019 pricing.  2020 pricing coming soon – but it may stay exactly the same.   Later registrations have seen some increase, while taking advantage of early bird pricing is in line with previous years’ pricing structures.