Wednesday Night Race Series – Albion Hills –

Superfly Racing has passed the torch to Corey Brioschi and the North Hub bike shop in it’s 22nd year!

Though Superfly is not making it to the 20 year mark, we will still be an active part of the series, sponsoring some BBQ nights and getting in a ride or two!  Please support Corey and The North Hub Bike shop in Bolton as they take over the series!

For detailed information on the series please click HERE

Albion Hills Conservation Area

Albion Hills Conservation Area
16500 Hwy 50.
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 3E7


Superfly Racing will be passing on the torch after 19 great years – but will still swing by for the occassional ride and sponsor the odd BBQ!  While we’d have loved to make it 20 years, life has gotten too busy and we need to concentrate on our larger events, and family commitments (two daughters in diapers, eek)!

Corey Brioschi will be taking over the series, after doing most of the work anyways over the last few years!

  • We have a different course EACH week, accessing 3 starting points within Albion.  Courses are about 5km, and you do 3 laps or as many as you can before a 45 minute cut-off.
  • Albion’s trails are the perfect level for all riders, and our unique use of the trails makes it feel different every week!
  • A new, dedicated timer and a mix of Corey and Sean are running the show – and Alana should be around more this year if anyone wants to watch our baby!
  • Riders don’t have to spend their time in bottlenecks – with 80 riders on average, it’s not congested like some other weekly races.

Want to sponsor a BBQ night?  Want more information?  Click HERE to contact Corey