Superfly Racing 2024

We are STOKED for 2024!

Crank the Shield is BACK and has a killer new format!!  The event is open, and selling fast!


We are looking at an even better format, and more fun singletrack for Crank the Shield:SSM 2024!


For all 2024 events you will NOT need any form of license, and being self-insured we will strive to keep racing fees lower!  Superfly has it’s own yearly policy which still covers participants.  Same benefits of having a license without the fees!

Superfly is also lending our expertise to several charity rides, and is always available as a sub-contract and comes with nearly 30 years experience and all the equipment and networking needed to help run a quality event.  Contact us if you are in need of any kind of assistance!


Happy Trails!
Sean Ruppel
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Race Series

Upcoming Races

a) Mansfield Spring Epic 8 Hour Relay, Sat. May 11, 2024

The Mansfield Spring Epic 8 is excited for some new changes in 2024! c/o Apex race photography REGISTER NOW Block Saturday, May 11 off on your calendar!   This Spring CLASSIC is the “O-G” epic 8 and is a must-do for spring riding enthusiasts!  Mansfield is again the backdrop for this perrenial kick-off to Ontario’s summer … Continue reading "a) Mansfield Spring Epic 8 Hour Relay, Sat. May 11, 2024"...

b) Woodnewton Spring MTB Championships Sunday April 23 2023.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!! Click HERE  Pre-registration is CLOSED – however we will have event day registration available Saturday 11 – 4pm and Sunday 7:30am – 12:00pm!  Details at bottom of page! It wouldn’t be a race season without an inaugural kick-off at Woodnewton!  Typically the start of the Ontario Cup series, this legendary venue and … Continue reading "b) Woodnewton Spring MTB Championships Sunday April 23 2023."...

Crank the Shield – Crank is BACK for 2024!

Crank is BACK in 2024!  We have an exciting new format featuring more options to ride, more singletrack and more fun!  Registration is now OPEN! View details at www.cranktheshield.com...

d) Sir Sam’s Weekend – Cancelled

We were unable to secure a good date for this event – we will miss Sir Sam’s in 2023, but hope to get something dialed earlier for 2024!...

g) The GREAT Albion Fall MTB Classic (formerly Albion Enduro) CANCELLED

Superfly Racing is pre-emptively  CANCELLING this event due to projected low ridership.  XC racing turnouts, except for the bigger events such as the 24 hour, Epic 8 and Paris-Ancaster have been dismal.  With a break even at close to 200 riders, and last year falling short of that,  the writing is on the wall that … Continue reading "g) The GREAT Albion Fall MTB Classic (formerly Albion Enduro) CANCELLED"...

High School Race Series IS BACK for 2023

High School Race Series **Please note – we will have elementary school categories starting with the girls start at 1:15pm!   With a small but mighty turnout in 2022, we were at least happy to get the ball rolling again on High School racing.  We hope to build on this for 2023, host more schools and … Continue reading "High School Race Series IS BACK for 2023"...

Woody Weekly Race Series, Wednesday April 26 – Wednesday August 30 2023

  Yes!  Weekly Racing is BACK in Durham!!  Superfly Racing is sponsoring the Team Purchase Woody Weekly Race Series – the first race series in Durham since pre-covid times! Since the end of the Durham series, this will fill a huge void in the weekly racing calendar – and, being held on a private trail … Continue reading "Woody Weekly Race Series, Wednesday April 26 – Wednesday August 30 2023"...

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