Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I like to ride my bike.  I want to further my skills, and maybe try a little racing.  How do I go about it, it seems very confusing!

A: Yes, it sure can be overwhelming.  While the OCA tries to be the epicenter of the sport, with all the disciplines, and different event promoters it’s hard to know where to start.  A good start is the OCA website, click HERE for an overview of different events, insurance needs, etc.  Otherwise, the main event promoters in Ontario, for MTB racing and events, are (Superfly Racing), Chico Racing (Run by my brother and I), Pulse Racing, Substance Projects, Tuesday Night Series at Kelso, and a handful of other promoters.  By far the best way to start, is with a team event such as the Spring Epic 8 Relay , Summer/Fall Epic 8, or any of the many weekly series in Ontario.  Check out the OCA Calendar for the most comprehensive list!


Q: What’s the best kind of bike?  And, do I need a super fancy ($$) bike to race?

A: All the major brands these days are making great bikes.  We at Superfly may have a bias towards SCOTT bikes, but the other major brands all make great rides.  The key is to find the best, nearest BIKE SHOP, develop a rapport with them, and support them.  Using them and just finding a better price online will hurt you with poor warranty and service in the long run!  No, you don’t need anything more than a good solid 29er bike to do well – if you can, look for a deal on a carbon bike, but the bike does not make the rider.  At the top level, where seconds count, then the bike can be more of a factor!

Q: I can do group rides with my buddies, or race other people in the virtual world of strava, why do I need to bother with racing?

A: In a world with participant ribbons, it is still an innate need to test oneself against others of similar ages.  While the competition is an important element, it’s surrounding yourself with like-minded people, meeting new friends, and challenging yourself that is at the heart of racing your bike.  Our society is breeding a new brood of anti-social, (loneristic)people – Put away your cel phone, get off the computer, and come see what you can do on a bike, weaving through beautiful forests, and setting new goals!  It’s addictive – most people that start, don’ t ever stop!

Q: Is Mountain Biking dangerous?

A: No.  Ok, I’ll elaborate.  We have run 24 hour events, with over 10,000 individual riders doing a total of 17km each, with not a solitary broken bone.  That’s 170,000 kms ridden through the tight forest, with only a handful of scrapes and bruises.  The average Ontario Cup event sees over 15,000 km ridden, and rarely is there anything more serious than a few scrapes.  You couldn’t say that about Rugby or even Basketball!  And, you get to enjoy nature – what other sports are this awesome?… none come to mind!

Q: Where’s the start?

A: Look for the massive start flags! (The most annoying event question!)

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: When you decide to do an event, put in your information, CC#, and press the final registration button, you are making a commitment to doing the event, rain or shine (to some extent).  This is not just a fleeting “maybe I’ll do it, maybe not” kind of scenario.  As long as the event is held, on the date advertised, it is up to you to make sure you can make it.  In some cases if we are given enough time, we can defer your registration to another event.  If you ask Friday night, for a weekend event, for example, it is likely too late.

If an event is cancelled completely, you will be refunded your money minus a $5 or thereabouts administration fee that goes to the online provider, or offered a different event.   If it is postponed to a different date, the organizer is not responsible for a full refund, but we will do everything we can including deferring to another event for you.  Refunds take a lot of time to do and do cost money and time.